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Outdoor sauna construction in progress
Finished interior of the sauna
   This outdoor sauna contains a steam room, a changing room and a covered deck for entertainment and relaxation. The steam room was constructed with 6"x 8" D-logs. Dovetail corners where created on site. Ceiling and benches are made of cedar to give out a wonderful smell. 

   The changing room is conventional stick-built with log siding on the exterior to match logs. Walls and the ceiling inside are finished with 1''x 6" T&G boards.

   The external feed wood burning sauna stove allows you to load firewood from the changing room keeping the steam room clean of debris and ashes. The glass door provides the opportunity to enjoy fire while getting the sauna ready. The stove is very efficient and requires only a small amount of firewood and about 30-40 minutes to get the sauna ready for use.

    The sauna provides great relaxation, helps to recharge and keep in good spirit.